I am sure I have blogged about this before but it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder!

When I was in high school I was accused of doing something I didn’t do because of a note I left for a friend. At the time I thought my life was over because no one believed me. As time went on the issue subsided but it was still something I thought about for years after the event.

Many years later I ran into one of the people who had caused this issue for me and asked her about it. She had NO recollection of the event. Nothing. Nada. That made me look at myself and see that what I thought was very relevant from my past was really just a blip and no big deal.

Let go of past!

How We Behave!

How we behave

I find that a lot of what Elizabeth Gilbert says resonates with me.

How we behave DOES have an impact whether we know it or not. When we are sad and angry, those things seep out to those around us. But so does patience and generosity. How we behave is bigger than I think we realize.

We have more influence than we think. Pay attention to your behavior!



We all need to have hope, for what would the world be if we didn’t?

Being hopeful helps us to know that the future can be brighter and that we have had a role in making it happen. Being hopeful can give us strength to get through hard times, knowing that they will end.  Being hopeful can give strength to someone else.

You have a role, in this world, to be hopeful!

Face Your Shadows!

Face your shadows

I am one of those that believe that lessons continue to happen, in your life, until you learn them!

Until you learn the lessons you need to learn, you will continue to see the shadows in yourself and others. It is when you face the darkness, the shadow, and see what it is you need to learn, that they go away.

Take the time to observe the shadows!



I know when my phone or computer are acting up I turn them off and let them ‘reboot.’ Not a bad idea for us humans too.

Sometimes we just get too much information or have too much going on. That is the time to unplug, reboot and take some time to yourself which is NEVER a bad thing.

So when you are feeling overwhelmed, turn off your phone, computer or whatever you are doing. Find a quiet place and just sit and enjoy!


First Time!

First time

This is a good one.

We all seem to get complacent in our lives. We have the same routine every day. Why not stir it up? Why not do something different? Do something you have never done before.

What comes to mind for me is when I ‘tried’ to learn to ride a motorcycle. Found out it wasn’t my thing but at least I tried! What have you done?