Collect Good People!

Collect good people

That is the truth!

It isn’t always easy to find truly ‘good’ people but when you do, make sure you love and protect them the best you can. We all need good people in our lives. Those that let us be who we are without judgement yet they will tell you when we are being ridiculous or need a swift kick.

Love and cherish all the good people in your life!





That’s for sure!

I would rather surround myself with people who admit they are wrong than those who blame others, never stand up and admit they are wrong or think they don’t make any. To me those are not REAL people. Real people admit they are wrong.

Life isn’t all a bed of roses. Shit happens!

Nicest People!



Nicest People

I understand this 100%!

I generally am a pretty easy going but I do have my limits. When I see an injustice, for example, an animal being treated unfairly. You don’t want to be the other person because I will let you have it with both barrels. When someone can’t defend themselves, you can bet that I will be that scary person.

We all have our limits!





Isn’t this cool! I know I have angels around me in the form of people.

As I have been recovering from a surgery, my ‘human’ angels have been getting my mail, buying me groceries, driving me around and fixing me dinners to name a few things. I feel totally blessed to have these people in my life.

Are you aware of the angels in the form of people around you?



Many years ago I was in a situation where I confronted a policeman who was beating a man. Three of us had been following them because they picked this guy out of a crowd because he was a street person.

They got him down an alley and started hitting him. I couldn’t believe it. He hadn’t done anything but stand on the corner listening to music like we were.

Something in me took over and I started yelling at the cop to stop which he finally did. Sometimes you don’t know the inner strength that you have until you need it.

That day I stood up for someone else and am proud that I did!

Your Message!

Your message

I hope this one makes you think about what is your message to the world. What you do, how you act or react is the message you give to the world.

I was recently checking in at an airport and the woman behind the ticketing counter was obviously not a happy person. You could see it in her face, in her demeanor and how she acted. Her message to the world is ‘I am not happy so no one else deserves to be happy.’ Earlier in the week, when I was checking into a flight the man next to me complimented the two ladies behind the counter and me. Guess how that made all of us feel at 5 am? Let’s just say there were a lot of smiles all the way around.

What message are you portraying to the world?