Go Within!

Go Within

Amen to that!

I think that it is VERY important for every person on this planet to take time to be alone every day. Taking time to go within, being quiet and just listening to that inner voice. Hear what it has to say.

You will be surprised at how much strength it will give you when being quiet and listening to yourself, what your soul, your body has to say.

Take the time. It will make you stronger!




In these days of ‘Fake News’ we need to be thankful. I know I spend a lot more time researching information than I used to do. I don’t take anything at face value anymore.

So, that makes me thankful for the lies because I have to figure out what I believe and what I won’t. It makes me find my truth.

Find those lies that bring you to the truth!

No One Heals….

No one hea;s

I recently watched ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’, a series about teen suicide. This saying says it all about why the main character, Hannah, committed suicide.

This group of teens bullied Hannah without really understanding the affect it was having on her. They wounded her so badly that she gave up and killed herself. Before she died, she made 13 tapes to those that affected her life so even in death she wounded them back.

In no way does hurting other people help make you feel better. You need to heal yourself; be honest, be upfront, and talk to an adult, someone who can help you but don’t go as far as the main character. Death is permanent. Hurt can be healed!

Catch Your Heart!

Catch your heart

There are a lot of things in our lifetime that catch our eye, most of them ‘things’ but what catches your heart is the most important. Those are the ‘things’ to go after.

When something catches your heart, you know in your soul it is right whether it is a person, place or thing because your heart never lies.

Find those things that catch your heart instead of your eye!