I find this to be true!  It isn’t that these people are anti-social but they just don’t have any tolerance for all the drama people can produce.

I know I get as far away as I can from those people that always have drama in their lives. It just doesn’t work for me and in fact, it wears me out just hearing them talk about it.

Sometimes we all need to appear ‘anti-social’ around those people that are fake and dramatic!


Accept Yourself!



If you can accept yourself, at any age, you have everything. The only person you have to prove anything to is yourself.

Your beauty shines when you are being yourself not following the crowd or worrying about what other people think. What matters is how you feel about you.

It may not happen overnight but don’t give up. You are worth it!


Self care

What a wonderful reminder!  I love each of these steps so much that I can’t just pick a few to call out because they all resonate with me.

All 12 of these are a wonderful way to care for yourself. They are simple steps yet strong. They are steps that can give you self-confidence. They are steps to live by!

Are there any in the list that ring true for you?