Many of us cannot afford some of the art that we love (like Dale Chihuly glass.) Everyone who comes to visit us in the PNW is told they need to go to the Tacoma Glass Museum and the Seattle Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum at the Seattle Center to see Dale’s work.

I also love to know what music people are listening to because I love hearing all kinds of music. And don’t get me started on books…. If you aren’t reading, you are so missing out on a rich world.

Take time to share the music, art and books that you love with friends. Art and artists are a VERY important part of our lives.

Checkout Cheryl Bentyne’s (Manhattan Transfer) newest solo album. Release date is OCTOBER 6 …you can find it on Artistshare, ITunes, and Amazon.



You Are Amazing!

You are amazing

I think we sometimes forget how amazing we are.

If we don’t let others know our vision of the world how can they know how wonderful we are? We are all unique and have something to offer everyone whether it is a smile, a shoulder or our love.

It’s time to let everyone know how amazing we are!!!!



Isn’t that the truth.

I think we have all had this experience when someone remembers something we said to them and you realize they ‘heard’ you. I know it makes me feel good. Recently a friend reminded me of something I had said to him almost a year ago. Nice!

When people talk to you, listen, and let them know you heard them.


Your Story!


I am guessing that everyone reading this has a story that they were or are still ashamed to tell. Telling your story sets you free and can also be an inspiration to others.

Many times when you tell your story you never know how it affects or helps another person. You may never know the affect it has but when someone lets you know how telling your story helped them, it is such a gift.

Don’t be ashamed to share your story no matter how awful/disgusting you may think it is. You just might inspire someone to get out of an abusive relationship, or survive a rape or just feel better about themselves knowing someone else has gone through the same time.

Share your stories!

Favorite Song!

Favorite Song

I really like this because I LOVE music. I have over 13,000 songs on my computer and that doesn’t count all my records.

My love of music came from my parents where there was always some kind of music playing in the house (plus we played the piano and organ). So what this says makes sense to me.

Does anyone else feel this?


Spread kindness

This is so true. If each of us are kind to one person a day, can you imagine how that would spread over your lifetime, over the world?

Being kind is such a simple act. It doesn’t take money to do. It can be done in a matter of seconds. It can be done by an act, a touch or a word. Such simple things.

Why not make a goal to be kind to at least one person a day?