Don’t Get Mad!

Don;'t get mad

I love this!

If you become so engulfed in your own success and happiness you do forget all the other things around you that have caused you angst. And this such a great way to let go of anything.

Find something you are passionate about and go for it. You will be surprised at how it makes you feel.





So true!

How can you become a master if you have not made mistakes? Isn’t it by our mistakes that we learn? A master tries and fails many times. Over time those mistakes and successes can make a person a skilled expert of a particular art or activity.

A master generally has worked from the bottom up to get where they are with many hours (seen or unseen) to achieve this status. Sometimes it appears that someone is an overnight success but I am pretty sure there was a lot of failures and practice that got them to where they are today.

Do you have what it takes to become a master at something? Or are you always going to be a beginner? Remember, you have to be a beginner to become a master. It takes trying and failing.

Live a Life of Love!

Live a life of Love

I have said it before in other posts but it is worth repeating…. Life is all about LOVE and I will add health!

We can have all the toys in the world, or we can be very successful or we the biggest home but when it comes down to your life, I think it all hinges on love and health. If you don’t have these two things what do you really have?

Take some time to think about your significance… does it include love?



It seems to me the people I know, who are the most successful, are the ones who act as if it is impossible to fail.

Why I ask myself? I think it is because they want something so much that they can’t even consider failing. Now that is commitment and dedication.

Has there been anything in your life that you were not going to allow yourself to fail?