Many of us cannot afford some of the art that we love (like Dale Chihuly glass.) Everyone who comes to visit us in the PNW is told they need to go to the Tacoma Glass Museum and the Seattle Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum at the Seattle Center to see Dale’s work.

I also love to know what music people are listening to because I love hearing all kinds of music. And don’t get me started on books…. If you aren’t reading, you are so missing out on a rich world.

Take time to share the music, art and books that you love with friends. Art and artists are a VERY important part of our lives.

Checkout Cheryl Bentyne’s (Manhattan Transfer) newest solo album. Release date is OCTOBER 6 …you can find it on Artistshare, ITunes, and Amazon.



Negative Energy!

Negative Energy

There are just some people who shouldn’t be in your life, period!

In my opinion, anyone who brings you down or makes you feel less than (and I am not talking about someone who cares about you and tells you something that is said out of love but may feel negative). I am talking about people who are negative about EVERYTHING. They complain about the weather, their boss, their family, the food… nothing is positive in their minds. And it is always fault of someone else. Being around them just brings you down.

Remove them from your life! Surround yourself with people who care, support and love you.



Those who care about you are going to make every effort to help and support you when you need something or ask them a favor. Those that make an excuse all the time, aren’t really your friends, in my opinion.

Do you have people in your life who make excuses all the time when you ask them something? Do you really want to be their friend? How are they supporting and caring for you? Something to think about.

I think life is too short to hang onto people who really don’t care about me. What do you think?



So true!

We are all here to learn and no one can do it for us. We all know people that we would love to ‘change’ but we cannot do that for anyone. It is truly an ‘inside’ job. That person has to want to change and go through whatever they need to go through to learn and make a change.

What we can do is be loving and supportive. Allow them to be who they are and trust that they are where they are supposed to be.


And So It Is!

And So It Is

Does anyone else believe that the Universe will completely support, love and care for you in every way? I do and I am grateful for this.

Everything we are supposed to be and do is supported by the Universe, the Higher Power, God, or whatever you chose to call it. We just need to listen and be open to the messages because they are there willing and waiting to support us in every way.

What do you think?



Isn’t that the truth! I think we all know people that could be described as having either positive or negative energy.

The minute you meet someone with positive energy you see a smile on their face, they seem to have lightness about them, and you can almost feel the love emanating from them. And those with negative energy will have a frown on their face and you get a sense that they feel burdened, and you can’t wait to get away from them.

Signs of positive energy people:
• They exude a sense of love, compassion and support
• You feel safe, relaxed and want to get closer to them
• They are peaceful
• You feel better around them and your energy increases

Sounds like what I want to strive for.