In these days of ‘Fake News’ we need to be thankful. I know I spend a lot more time researching information than I used to do. I don’t take anything at face value anymore.

So, that makes me thankful for the lies because I have to figure out what I believe and what I won’t. It makes me find my truth.

Find those lies that bring you to the truth!




How true especially in this political climate!

We all have our own opinions and perspectives which aren’t always factual or the truth. So when you start to argue with someone on Social Media or in person, remember these words by Marcus Aurelius. None of us are always right or have the truth.

Listen, think, value, research and take your time when stating something you believe.



Yes, this is true for me!

I prefer people who are direct and tell me the truth over playing games and not saying what they think or feel. It never makes sense to me to not be upfront with your intentions.

I’m not saying hurt someone’s feelings intentionally but I am saying sometimes telling the truth can hurt but I would rather have someone’s intention to be to honest than not.

What do you think?

True and Kind!


How can one go wrong when their words are true and kind? I think not!

Lately there have been a lot of hate and lies going around and I find that what it does, for me, is make me want to find the truth and kindness in things instead of continuing the negative. It makes me want to fight for change and make sure that I do my part to make that happen.

I do believe we can change the world by being true and kind with our words AND listening to others NOT, for example, tweeting negativity because your feelings are hurt.

Belief or Ideology!


There seems to be a lot of division happening these past months regarding building a wall and keeping people of different beliefs out of our country.

When I hear anyone say that there is something wrong with people who have different belief systems than they do, I become leery. I start to question why they think this or have this belief and why they want to promote this division. If they can’t back up their belief or ideology, then I can’t go along with it.

We are all human beings with different ways and backgrounds. We are going to be different. Let’s promote LOVE not division and hatred.